Winning is The Best Game Control

CFB-Playoff-Vertical Signature_RGBA few seasons ago, the world of baseball analysis was swept up by an increasingly popular way to analyze player performance. Used by some as a key stat to determine season ending award winners and player contract values, Wins Above Replacement, or WAR, shows the extent of a player’s contribution to their team. Some people love this sabermetric; others still aren’t buying into it. Similarly, a new stat has become a key component involved in selecting the four participants in the new College Football Playoff. 

As a whole, sports fans love stats, and we love finding ways to analyze which player is better than other players, and which team is better than the other teams. If you’ve been keeping up with the college football playoff talk, especially on the ESPN networks, you may have noticed a new phrase being thrown around by analysts and reporters — game control.

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FSU, Baylor and Nebraksa: The jury’s still out

Three weeks into the weekly College Football Playoff Rankings, strength of schedule is the phrase on everybody’s tongue. Unlike the traditional polls, the playoff committee has proven to have no problem with ranking certain teams ahead of others with fewer losses, based on SOS. Likewise, other teams with weaker schedules have suffered the consequences. With such an apparent heavy emphasis on body of work, it would seem we are working towards finding the best four teams. However, there are some interesting dilemmas at hand. Florida State, Baylor and Nebraska are three teams I’ve yet to figure out, and I think the committee too.

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A narrative breakdown of “the play”: Taking a closer look


Notre Dame WR CJ Prosise being engaged by Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey

Two days later, the second last play of the Notre Dame vs. Florida State game is still the subject of debate. With a statement released by the ACC stating the officials made the correct call, most of the national media has deferred to their judgement and tried to let it rest. Unfortunately, if you’re a Notre Dame fan, letting it rest is hard to do. Watching the game live, it was hard to argue with the call. It appeared that Notre Dame receivers CJ Prosise (No. 20) and Will Fuller (No. 7) were pushing, or blocking, the FSU defenders to create space for third receiver Corey Robinson (No. 88) to catch and score the game winning touchdown. After watching replay after replay, however, the call began to look more questionable. For everyone involved, it is best to move on. Both teams are still in contention for the College Football Playoff. Nevertheless, it has become mind boggling for me that so many people still agree with the original call of the officials. At risk of repeating what is now now already all over the internet, I’ve decided to take a stab at breaking down “the play” hopelessly hoping the blinders will be lifted off of the naysayers. Let’s take a closer look at everything involved in “the play” with these five hot points of dispute.

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2014 ACC Conference Preview

6919320I don’t think for anybody the ACC is a hard conference to pick a champion. The obvious answer is Florida State. The question is, who can perhaps challenge them. Among that group are Clemson, North Carolina, Louisville, Virginia Tech and maybe a couple others. The ACC had 11 teams in bowl games last year, so as a conference it shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you add that before last season FSU had a reputation for finding a way to lose a game they shouldn’t, I wouldn’t say the conference title is a guarantee. However, talent for talent, no one matches the Seminoles.

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