PanCirco NCAA FBS Poll

The Pancirco top 15 FBS poll is comprised of a few factors. It is only determined by team performances from week one up to the current week of the season. Any information from the previous year has been thrown out the window so as not to skew early season rankings. The two biggest factors determining a team’s rank are who that team has beaten (strength of schedule) and how good that team has performed (a combination of where they rank in various stats such as scoring offense/defense, total yards offense/defense, the eye test, etc.). I try not to be lured by style points as many teams strengths and weaknesses match up differently with other teams,’ but it may play a role in certain circumstances. In the end we’re trying to find the best team and all that matters is winning.

1.      Florida State

2.      Michigan State

3.      Auburn

4.      Oklahoma

5.      South Carolina

6.      UCF

7.      Alabama

8.      Missouri

9.      Clemson

10.  Stanford

11.  Oregon

12.  Baylor

13.  Ohio State

14.  Louisville

15.  LSU

Next five: Arizona State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, UCLA, USC