Draft Board: Top 7 QBs

Final Pancirco top 15The crop of quarterbacks this year is on the weak side, but there are in my opinion two can’t miss prospects in Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. The each respectively have their own weaknesses, but with some time I think they’ll both succeed. The top seven are as follows:

1. Marcus Mariota – I see Mariota as having the biggest potential of any QB in the 2015 draft. He’s big, athletic, and has a good arm, but he’s going to need adjusting to the pro system, going through his progressions, and scanning the field.

2. Jameis Winston – Winston is the most accurate QB in the draft. He’s technically sound, but does need a little work with the hitch in his throwing motion. My biggest issue with Jameis is his character. Of course he makes questionable decisions, but what really bothers me is I’m not sure he’s genuine. I’m not sure how well he’ll be able to gain the trust of his teammates.

3. Garrett Grayson – I haven’t seen a whole lot of Grayson, but what I have seen I like. I think he can easily be a solid No. 2 in the NFL and with time under consistent NFL coaching a starter.

4. Bryce Petty – Like Mariota, Petty will have a lot of adjusting to make in the NFL. He played in a high-powered offense and put up big numbers, but he needs improvement with his accuracy.

5. Sean Mannion – Mannion has had some great games, as well as some poor ones. He had a much better 2013 than 2014, which could be due to teams keying in on him and trying to disrupt him in the pocket. He can throw the deep ball and has a big arm, but lacks accuracy.

6. Brett Hundley – Like Mannion, Hundley had a better 2013 than 2014, when the spotlight was on him as potential Heisman candidate and NFL prospect. He consistently underwhelmed me. What he can use to his advantage is his athleticism but he’s going to need to sit and watch for a bit in order to reach his full potential.

7. Shane Carden – Carden led East Carolina to a good season in 2014 and turned some heads in the process. He threw for an impressive 4,736 yards and 30 TDs but what that translates to against better competition is unsure. There may be a team who takes a chance on him earlier than expected or he may go undrafted.



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