Pancirco CFB Top 25: Week 11

Photo: Charles LeClaire/US Presswire

Photo: Charles LeClaire/US Presswire

The Playoff Committee’s week 11 ranking is out, so in fitting time here is mine. There are some small differences between ours, most notably at the No. 1 position. Mississippi State is the consensus top team in the nation with very strong wins over LSU and Auburn, but watching FSU in their last two I saw a team who at the flip of a switch can turn into the most dominant team in the nation. MSU on the other hand, has been the most consistent team throughout the season. If it came down to it, I think FSU would beat MSU head-to-head. At No. 3, Auburn is the most dangerous team in the country and has the body of work to prove it, but that one loss is keeping me from placing them first. The entire rankings are as follows, and this week promises to shake things up, but also provide more clarity in regards to teams like Notre Dame, Michigan State, Ohio State, and even Alabama, who also has yet to defeat a top 20 opponent.

  1. Florida State (8-0)
  2. Mississippi State (8-0)
  3. Auburn (7-1)
  4. Oregon (8-1)
  5. TCU (7-1)
  6. Alabama (7-1)
  7. Kansas State (7-1)
  8. Notre Dame (7-1)
  9. Michigan State (7-1)
  10. Arizona State (7-1)
  11. Baylor (7-1)
  12. Ohio State (7-1)
  13. Nebraska (8-1)
  14. Ole Miss (6-2)
  15. UCLA (7-2)
  16. LSU (7-2)
  17. Oklahoma (6-2)
  18. Arizona (6-2)
  19. Utah (6-2)
  20. Georgia (6-2)
  21. West Virginia (6-3)
  22. USC (6-3)
  23. Clemson (6-2)
  24. Duke (7-1)
  25. Louisville (6-3)

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