Pancirco CFB Top 15: Week 9

Final Pancirco top 15I’m introducing my top 15 this week and it starts off with last year’s national champion at the top. Florida State is not my No. 1 team because of last year’s accomplishments, but because they have great talent and have arguably defeated the best competition with their win over Notre Dame Saturday. Of the one loss teams, Oregon is still my favorite. It’s been well covered that their offensive line was hurting at the time of their loss to Arizona (now in the top 15 themselves) and they have a strong win over Michigan State. The entire ranking is as follows.

  1. Florida State (7-0)
  2. Mississippi State (6-0)
  3. Ole Miss (6-0)
  4. Oregon (6-1)
  5. Auburn (5-1)
  6. Notre Dame (6-1)
  7. Alabama (6-1)
  8. Michigan State (6-1)
  9. Georgia (6-1)
  10. TCU (5-1)
  11. Kansas State (5-1)
  12. Baylor (6-1)
  13. Arizona State (5-1)
  14. Arizona (5-1)
  15. Nebraska (6-1)

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