Pancirco CFB Top 15: Week 9

Final Pancirco top 15I’m introducing my top 15 this week and it starts off with last year’s national champion at the top. Florida State is not my No. 1 team because of last year’s accomplishments, but because they have great talent and have arguably defeated the best competition with their win over Notre Dame Saturday. Of the one loss teams, Oregon is still my favorite. It’s been well covered that their offensive line was hurting at the time of their loss to Arizona (now in the top 15 themselves) and they have a strong win over Michigan State. The entire ranking is as follows.

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A narrative breakdown of “the play”: Taking a closer look


Notre Dame WR CJ Prosise being engaged by Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey

Two days later, the second last play of the Notre Dame vs. Florida State game is still the subject of debate. With a statement released by the ACC stating the officials made the correct call, most of the national media has deferred to their judgement and tried to let it rest. Unfortunately, if you’re a Notre Dame fan, letting it rest is hard to do. Watching the game live, it was hard to argue with the call. It appeared that Notre Dame receivers CJ Prosise (No. 20) and Will Fuller (No. 7) were pushing, or blocking, the FSU defenders to create space for third receiver Corey Robinson (No. 88) to catch and score the game winning touchdown. After watching replay after replay, however, the call began to look more questionable. For everyone involved, it is best to move on. Both teams are still in contention for the College Football Playoff. Nevertheless, it has become mind boggling for me that so many people still agree with the original call of the officials. At risk of repeating what is now now already all over the internet, I’ve decided to take a stab at breaking down “the play” hopelessly hoping the blinders will be lifted off of the naysayers. Let’s take a closer look at everything involved in “the play” with these five hot points of dispute.

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Review: Great Lakes Brewing Co. Oktoberfest

This beer is a great classic German lager. It has a great amber color to it — looks very pretty in the glass. If you’re into that kind of thing, you could stare at this beer for a while. Upon first smell, it’s a simple beer. Nothing special, no overwhelming bouquet, just a simple malty beery smell. The taste has a good caramel flavor without much hops jumping out at you. It has a good roast flavor. The bitterness comes on the finish and kind of lingers, but it’s slight, not too strong. Theres a decent carbonation. When you’re looking for a refreshing glass of beer, this is it.

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